Employer Branding

For an Engageable and Desirable Organization brand

Every organization needs a clear story for its employees to talk about and engage with, and for future recruits to grasp. This story is told best when handed a strong tool-kit to help communicate it. This is exactly the type of thing we LOVE to do here at Awesome.

Why do I need Employer Branding?

To improve employee retention

To elevate employee engagement with the company

To help your organisation stand out when searching for new talents

This is how it works



We’ll connect to your company’s DNA, study the ecosystem and analyze the existing tools and platforms within your organisation.


Concept, Messaging & Design

We’ll create a brand story for your organization and design a new brand identity based on your story



We’ll map out the necessary tools needed for your new employer brand and design the relevant elements

Let's talk about your employer branding

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