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Imagindairy wanted to launch a new FoodTech project to the B2B market. Their challenge was to tell a story that helped explain a highly scientific and techy product in a way that everyone can understand, that businesses / dairy industry didn’t feel threatened by a replacement to their current product line, that was simple and attractive enough to help brands sell to their customers, and not scare people with “food” products built in a lab.... so just a small task. OH! And to show how their brand was different to the other animal free dairy proteins that had and would be coming to the market.

Brand Strategy

Captivating the B2B market is no easy feat, which left Imagindairy, a new-to-market FoodTech company, feeling a little bland in how to launch their groundbreaking, animal-free dairy protein alternative.

What was the scoop for Awesome?

To whisk this scientific marvel into an understandable, mouthwatering must-have that wouldn't set off alarms in the traditional dairy industry. Telling a story that entices dairy and plant-based business giants, that’s to their customer’s palette, AND that tastes different to the soon to be sea of competitors...a piece of (cheese)cake, right? Step into the imaginations of our creatives, as we stirred a cutting-edge tech innovation into shareable dairy moments that are reshaping reality.

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Brand Strategy

We started with the conundrum – how do you help people overcome the mindset of franken-food, without turning our backs on the dairy so many have loved for so long?

“We found that existing dairy brands, both traditional and plant-based, are unlikely to be swayed by a newcomer that proclaims their methods are 'inferior' or 'outdated.' People crave the age-old satisfaction of dairy - the creamy texture, rich flavors, nutritional benefits, and the sheer joy it brings.”
-Hayley Alpern, Brand Strategist

With Imagindairy built by dairy lovers, we would lead with their ‘new’ dairy that boasted all the familiar elements we cherish, minus the planetary harm and animal involvement. Imagindairy would be the most inclusive brand, one that embraces everyone, from cheeseburger lovers to tree huggers to health hunters, honoring the past while looking towards the future.


A brand for all lovers of dairy, Imagindairy’s essence is "expanding the dairy experience." Imagindairy is a harmonious blend of the comforting familiar and the excitingly innovative. Encompassing the richness, texture, and nutritional benefits that dairy lovers crave, they've added a sprinkle of groundbreaking tech and a dollop of environmental friendliness to deliver an animal-free dairy experience that's undeniably tasty, guilt-free, and accessible for all. This isn’t about negating dairy; it’s about being an advocate for its sustainable future.

The delight of the dairy experience is like no other. It’s not only important for how we enjoy our food, but how we enjoy our bodies, our planet and our lives! That’s why Imagindairy believes dairy should be for all.

Imagindairy are your experience ambassadors, and they believe in dairy. As industry experts, foodie scientists and human activists, they have created the highest quality and concentration protein ingredients: Extra delicious, extra nutritious and extra clean, making sure that everyone can enjoy the delight of dairy, whilst the animals and planet put their feet up. It’s unimaginable how the delight of dairy can take our experience together on this planet to the next level. Now with Imagindairy – you no longer have to imagine it.

We whipped up an aesthetic that reflects the company's innovative, friendly, and imaginative approach to real dairy alternatives, bringing reality to a dreamy place.

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“Imagindairy’s visual identity was carefully crafted, incorporating a vibrant color palette with yummy imagery. Through a collaborative effort between designers, UX experts, and brand strategists, we struck the balance between being a FoodTech company that was also yummy, innovative and trustworthy. We wanted to steer clear of the cliché tripes of being green, eco, techy, or revolutionary. Instead, we focused on the dreamy deliciousness of the dairy that we all know and love.”
- Shay Lesher, Head of UI and Activation
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Brand Elements

In Imagindairy's graphic language, a few elements truly steal the spotlight. Leading the way is food, playfully taking on a starring role where cheeky image-letter substitutions, making the messaging as delectable as they are engaging. Next up, dairy waves flow through Imagindairy's photographic imagery, enhancing the brand's creamy, milky essence.

Finally, a stroke of creativity birthed a standout feature: the Imagindairy cat. This adorable feline, infatuated with their dairy products and unable to discern any difference, adds an irresistible charm to the brand identity.

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Crafting the website for Imagindairy was a fun challenge, with our quest being to share the unexpected wonders of the tech realm and to present an educational experience cleverly masked as a captivating story users would want to explore.In doing so, we enlivened the narrative with playful animations, real images, and droplets of magic to bring the story to life and to underscore the unique essence of Imagindairy. The end result was a visually enchanting platform that effortlessly encapsulated Imagindairy’s ethos, while emphasizing user-friendliness and optimal performance.

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Wow, who's responsible for that?
Brand Strategy
Maayan Froind, Tal Schweiger, Hayley Alpern, Shay Lesher, Marianne Cohen, Lee Reider, Lena Freidman, Hadar Bens ,Rotem Zohar, Liron Levy, Max Shubin, Stav Golan, Shay Tuby, Rami Qudsi, Ariella Delin, Danielle Tonurist, Eldar Partush, Shimi Cohen, Orel Levy

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