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As part of our rebranding process for Meitav, we focused on crafting a unified and intuitive platform, which seamlessly merges Meitav's rich legacy with its refreshed identity and empowers clients to confidently take control of their financial worlds.

Meitav’s new app was not just about changing appearances; it required a fundamental transformation in how they interacted with clients digitally. Our mission was to create an app that embodied the new Meitav – user-centric, modern, and empowering.The insights from Meitav’s rebranding process let to a clear strategy for the app: it needed to be a unified platform that simplified financial management for the users, turning it from a daunting chore into an empowering activity.

The Challenge:
To create a user-friendly app for clients in a complex financial world.

Our research revealed that users often feel overwhelmed by the complexity
of financial management, leading to what we identified as ‘financial denial syndrome’ -- a reluctance to engage with financial planning due to its
perceived intricacy. The research also indicated a need for a unified platform that could simplify these complexities and provide a seamless financial management experience by providing them with insights and tools to make informed decisions.

Our user research show:
The complexities of financial management provoke feelings
of insecurity and instability
"The financial denial syndrome"
Fear of loss overpowers the desire for gain, leading to avoidance and passivity.
The solution:
A unified platform with
easy-to-use management
tools to empower your 
financial control.
Process and design:
Every feature was crafted to simplify financial management, making it an empowering and enlightening experience for users. The transformation of the Meitav app was not just a technical upgrade but a strategic move to align with the modern, user-focused vision of the brand.
key features:
The app’s design aligned with Meitav’s broader rebranding ethos, making users feel supported and guided in their financial journey. Key features of the design include:
  1. Insights about savings: The app provides a visual representation of savings, making complex financial data easily understandable.
  2. Personalized financial services: Leveraging user data, the app offers personalized financial advice and product recommendations.
  3. Expert tips and information: The app bridges the gap between digital convenience and expert financial advice, providing users with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.
Wow, who's responsible for that?
Shay Lesher, Lee Reider, Max Shubin, Talma Roth, Talia Gramovich, Sahar Burshtein