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Designing a Health Insurance Decision-Support Service for a Digital Platform
The Challenge
A little bit of background
Have you ever felt lost in the maze of health insurance providers and policies? You’re not alone. With a multitude of private insurance companies, along with mandatory national health coverage and supplementary plans from health funds (Kupot Holim), making informed decisions can feel like a never-ending battle. And when it comes to our personal health, we deserve better.
The research
Imagine a world where you’re paying twice for the same health coverage. Sounds impossible, but it was happening in Israel, which, according to market research, tops the charts in insurance doubling! It’s no shock that our user research revealed soaring levels of uncertainty, distrust, and overwhelming stress among average consumers when handling their insurance policies.
A significant increase in spending for private health insurances is evidentTotal gross insurance premiums in health insurance in the years 2003-2017 (in billions of NIS)
Israel ranks first in the OECD in paying for insurance doubling, with the most significant doubling reflected in personal accident policies
User research
insurance benefits
Orit Aharon, 52
Excess information

and confusion
Uncertainty about
existing insurances
Shachaf Meir, 35
Hila Levy, 29
Uncertainty and
testing or comparison
Need for manual tests
or actions by the user
Rachelli Klein, 31
Fear of information
Nimrod Nissim, 46
Lack of trust in the
human factor
The Solution
We knew it was time for a game-changing solution: to develop a simplified digital platform that would empower both consumers to take charge of their personal health and providers to streamline their services, fostering trust and confidence within the insurance landscape. This cutting-edge solution puts the power back in the hands of the everyday citizen, provides instant access to relevant information, and guides users toward making informed decisions.

With this user-friendly platform, users will gain the confidence to navigate the insurance landscape like a pro, ensuring they get the coverage they need at the prices they deserve.  
The user's process:
What do I have
to do?
Identification process to obtain a personal insurance image.
Displaying a full personal and collective insurance image and policy number.
What is important
for me to know?
(based on what I already have)
  • Low probability of insurance case compared to high treatment cost
  • What are the types of policies?
  • Am I covered?
Multiple insurance
  • Compensation type
  • Rehabilitation type
  • Individual vs. Collective
How much am I paying?
What might interest me?
Proposals for relevant coverage based on guiding questions (in the "open world" - a variety of proposals from service providers)
Integration of diverse tools such as chatbots, People Like You, and more.
Site map
key features
The key features of the digital platform include:
Insurance Comparison Database
Leaving behind endless searches and welcoming a streamlined way of comparing policies, finding reduced costs, and making decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.
Unified Coverage Display
Our platform brings all your coverage plans together in one place under one display, ensuring you never pay more than necessary.
Centralized Management
With the central platform, users can view, manage, and track all personal insurance plans, regardless of the provider.
Tailored Insurance Questionnaire
Everyone's needs are unique, so this questionnaire will guide users in comparing different insurance types based on your specific parameters and requirements.

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